Well-known internet publications as: http://www.pescareonline.it/, http://www.hobbypesca.com

distributors of fishing tackle and fishing magazines :
Angelwoche Jan. 2007, Rute und Rolle March 2007, Fisch & Fang March 2007,

Germany Press

Angelwoche Jan.2007 Page12, Fisch und Fang, March 2007, Page 78, Rute und Rolle, March 2007, Page 87

The Setzkescher March 2008 and und April 2008, Angling International March 2008, Coarse Fisherman March 2008

and Animal welfare magazine: Aktion Tier:
Mensch und Tier issue 1/2007

The Steelheader: Larchy Oct. Nov. 2007 Tackle & Guns

The Larchy by Glenn May.doc Ken Hoffman, The River Pirate

and the daily newspaper
Tageszeitung Frankfurter Allgemeine 13.03.07, Page T5,

Video presence in internet with some videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/larchy72

or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xoQz7DY2y0
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