Here's a description of the tool (Larchy 1): The "Larchy®" is designed to be held in the hand like a pistol with a hook receiver (1) at the end of the barrel (7). The hook receiver has an entrance in the form of a funnel, a twisted slit (2) on its full length for the introduction of the line and an attachment for the head of a connecting rod (3). The hook receiver is attached to a holder (5) through a bolt (4) in such a way that it can turn about 150 from a forward to a reverse position (Animation). The holder is placed on the barrel and fixed there by an engaging pin (6) to make it interchangeable according to the size of the hook to be extracted. At the other end of the barrel is a grip (9) that has a line-fixing system on top made of a convex metal disc (10) that is pressed on the surface of the grip through a spring disc (11) by a plate screw (12), in order to regulate the pressure necessary to hold the line.

All the metal parts are of stainless steel. The parts 1, 5, 8 and 9 are made of PVC.

A set of three interchangeable and different-sized hook receivers allows an optimal extraction of hooks sized 3/0 to 8. The set and the Larchy together with the intruction for use in 5 different languages is delivered enclosed in a transparent PET blister (Larchy 2).
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