The goal of our firm is the marketing of innovative technologies for fishing tackle.

These innovative technologies are created, developed, tested, brought to production, and marketed by us and are therefore only available through our firm.
1. The "Dehooker Larchy®" is the first product in this program and was first introduced to a small number of customers on October 16, 2006 in Munich, Germany. At first conceaved as a tool for protecting anglers from dangerous fishes, it demonstrated then its carefull acting with the fishes at "catch and release".
2. The "Bathilith Larchy®" is the 2nd product in this program and was first presented to the market in March 2009. It is a substitute for lead sinker and it offers the possibility to make sinkers with stones found on the angling place, without needing special equipment or special abilities, or to work on the stone itself and it is safe, ecologically neutral, available in various sizes and forms and cheap.
In future we plan on putting more innovative products onto the market that are already in the development and testing phase.On this page we will be bringing you up-to-date on our latest news in this regard.