The widespread introduction of unleaded gasoline is one of the most important recent success against lead. Lead is a poisonous heavy metal. In 2002 Denmark already took the first bold step by banning lead sinkers. In any event, the European Commission is now working on a law that will ban the use of lead for sport fishing throughout Europe from 2013 onwards. It will be difficult to have the angler staying by this roule, but it will be easyer if they have a valid alternative. The first one could be tin. It’s a bit more expensive and somewhat lighter (specific weight 7.28) than lead (specific weight 11.34), but is ecologically cleaner and chemically more noble. Then there is the unsurpassable tungsten (specific weight 19.3!), which is a more expensive noble metal, but which is absolutely effective and ecologically neutral, and available in all kinds of forms and sizes. Last not least, we have stones, every size and form, available on the fishing spot, ecologically perfect, some of them with a respectable specific weight (2,5.3,0) humble and free of charge. A secure system to bind the line on is then important and we have it : The Bathilith (the Test holds a 3Kg heavy stone!). These are brass caps with an eyelet (Pic. A) that can be glued to the stone with epoxy putty without any working on the stone. Available in packages (Kits) of 10 pieces (diameter 12 mm) for stones up to 100 g, or 12 pieces (diameter 8 mm) for stones up to 50 g and 15 pieces (diameter 6 mm) for stones up to 25 g together with the epoxy putty.
Type max. Weight Amount
Bathilith25 25g 20
Bathilith50 50g 15
Bathilith100 100g 10